Query Whois Server 2

Use the following form to perform a query exclusively on the IRNIC database (which includes the ".ir", top level domain names). Not only can you determine whether a domain name you desire is already in use, but you can find contacts names, e-mail addresses, postal addresses, and telephone numbers. Simply enter the appropriate identifier (such as a domain name, NIC handle, etc) in the entry field below and select the "Query" button.

  • It's also available to query from another server in the following format:
    -h "Server Name" "Query"
  • The default action (unless directed otherwise by entering a specific domain name or NIC handle), is to do a very broad search, looking for matches in all types of records and most fields (name, nickname, hostname, net address, etc) in the database.
  • For more information, enter "help" in the entry field above and press the "Query" button.